Über das Zarte

Eine Enzyklopädie des Zarten


he Encyclopaedia of Tenderness is a compendium of the common and the curious, of phenomena from the humanities and the natural sciences, and of artistic works in pursuit of the concept of tenderness. The journey takes us to places we may at first never have thought to look. The collection is compiled and ordered in an encyclopaedic format, with all its structural characteristics.

The reduction of the individual topics to the literary structure of the articles, the flexible and alluring interweaving of the described objects through the system of cross references, and the hierarchy-flattening arrangement of all the research aspects into an alphabetic structure of access gently draw the reader deeper into the confounding concept that is tenderness, striving to make it more tangible at a leisurely pace. The research project included a call for tenders in which fine artists could submit works with a specific relation to the concept of tenderness, thus creating a comprehensive archive of artistic approaches to the topic. This made
it possible to see the relevance of this concept, specifically in the production and reception of works of fine art.

Participating artists: Gökcen Dilek Acay, Sophie Aigner, Ana Alenso, Katharina Kim Alsen, Michel Aniol, Christine Bachmann, Thomas Behling, Sarah Bernhardt, Mario BieRende, Martin Bothe, Marion Denis, Bruno Di Lecce, Thilo Droste, Dagmar Fella, Stephan Groß, Harriet Groß, Simone Haack, Karin Heinrich, Elke Hennen, Lena Hensel, Frenzy Höhne, Janine Hönig, Annabella Kalisch, Hyuna Kang, Margareth Kaserer & Simon Steinhauser, Eleana Katanu, Jens Kloppmann, Edith Kollath, Meike Kuhnert, Soo Jin Lee, Carina Linge, Helene Meier, Ines Meier, Maximilian Meier, Jesse Muller, Anna Myga Kasten, Enrico Niemann, Claudia Olendrowicz, France Parsus, Ileana Pascalau, Ulrike Paul, Ellen Peckham, Aaron Rahe, Olav Raschke, Korvin Reich, Judith Röder, Yvonne Roeb, Ninette Rothmüller, Fons Schiedon, Felix Schneeweiß, Antje Seeger, Charlotte Seidel, Juliana Irene Smith, Hartmut Stockter, Elisa Storelli, Anna Szighety, Laurel Terlesky, Andrea v.Lüdinghausen, Sandy Volz, Claudia von Funcke, Sarah Westphal, Miriam Yammad, Jenny Yurshansky, Ladislav Zajac & Simone Zewnik

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